Solutions for Global Companies to remove the costly mistakes and frustrations of International Assignments

The average cost of a failed international assignment was estimated to be $900,000

(source Mercer 2019 Global Talent Trend)

How much TIME, MONEY and EFFORT does your Organisation waste with International Moves and Global Mobility?

Does any of this sound familiar…?

Your team works with the great internal candidates and impressive external talents for the position overseas… and yet it doesn’t work out as imagined… AGAIN!

You’re being challenged on resources and budgets… and seem to be the “forgotten” department

You’re questioning if it’s worth it,..

Hoping there must be a better way..

Wondering how you and your team can show the ROI and Value Add that your team brings to the Organisations Resource Plan….

And there is!

You CAN optimise your ROI on international assignments and expat contracts….


Get clear on what’s working and what’s not – FAST

Understand what’s creating the problems for you and your Organisation – EASILY

Determine how much this is costing you, your team and the Company – IN REAL TERMS

Fast powerful assessment of your Organisations current situation


Focused bespoke Proposal for your Organisation

Short & Long term Recommendations aligned with your Organisational Needs

Proposed Roadmap of what to do, when and how based on your current Organisational reality

Implementation Support

Guidance and support to ensure that the improvements are realised

Ongoing support to incorporate new developments within the Global Mobility / International workforce arena

Fixed check-ins to evaluate systems, procedures and continuous improvement possibilities

Kate presented at one of our Expat Academy Network Huddles recently.  I was eye opening to hear her relocation story and very useful for Global Mobiliity teams to think further about their relocation policies and the effect of certain items of support for families, or lack thereof

Greg Smith

Head of Client Services - Symoposium Network, Expat Academy