Solutions for International Parents who are ready to REDEFINE who they are at Home and Work

I fundamentally believe that being a parent is one of the most rewarding & challenging roles that anyone can undertake… wherever you are in the world

And yet, sometimes…

Its just not enough….

You’re ready to get back to feeling like a WHOLE person in your own right but those feelings of guilt, worry and self-doubt keep you stuck… surely you should be “happy” with what you already have…..

Wouldn’t life be easier if everything just stays the same…?

You’ve tried drowing these thoughts and feelings with busyness and ignoring them…  but the sense that something’s missing just won’t go away…

You’re done with feeling frustrated and confused and know that now is the time for you to take action… 

And you know, deep down, that you need someone to help you stay on track

You’ve tried before but it was easier to give up… but not this time…

Time to Rediscover Yourself

Do you feel something is missing from your life but not sure what to do?

Are YOU curious to see how coaching can help YOU?

Are YOU ready to Rediscover the magic treasures within YOU?

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Time to Thrive Overseas

What keeps you awake at night?

Worries about Work? Health? Finance? Parenting? Life?

Time to Thrive Overseas is a personalised 12 week Accelerator for the parent who’s ready to bounce back higher, happier and more energetic than before.

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Kate is so easy to talk to, she is a fantastic listener and drilled down sensitively but expertly into what I was saying and how I was really feeling and some positive steps I could take.

What makes Kate so powerful is that she has lived this – the work stress, the juggle of children and the demands of having to “do it all”.

Whilst she has a specific focus on expats, I would recommend her to any working parent who would like some clarity of thought on how to live their best life.

Lorna (mum of 2)

ex-Head of Finance Systems, Lloyds Banking Group