When was the last time you stopped and really thought about “Why YOU do what you do?

It’s such a straight forward question, and with words that a small child would understand from a young age….

And yet there’s such a depth behind it that few of us ever stop to appreciate.

It applies to just about every area of life….

For example, lets think about work…..

Why do you do the job that you do? Is it something you always wanted to do? Is it your passion and you can’t imagine doing anything else? Is it something that you happened to fall into? Is it because it pays the bills? Is it because its the safe option? Is it because it fits with your personal circumstances (eg allows you to work from home)? Why do you work the hours you work? Why do you work for the company you work for? Why do you not work? Why is it something you don’t do?…..

And what about the way you speak…..

Why do you speak the way that you do? Why do you speak to yourself the way that you do? Why do you speak to your loved ones or your colleagues the way that you do? Why do you speak as quickly or as slowly as you do? Why do you speak as loud or as quietly as you do? Why do you use complicated or simple words?….

And what about something that we don’t need to think about…. why do you breathe the way that you do?

Why do you breathe through your nose / your mouth? Why do you breathe fast or slow? Why do you breathe deeply or shallowly? Why do you breathe with your belly or your chest or your diaphram?….

The list goes on and on and literally covers all areas of your life – I haven’t managed to think of one area yet that escapes the potential net of doing something without knowing why we do it.

My point is that the auto-pilot style of living is so alluring because it takes less energy and thought…

In essence you are sidestepping the need to make too many decisions by doing the same thing as you did in the past without questionning it.

But this means that you’re probably limiting yourself to reliving a rehash of the same day over and over.

One quote I heard is that its the difference between choosing to

sleep the way that you

Its super easy to slip into auto-pilot in many areas of your life….rolling from one day to the next in a Groundhog Day fashion.


from what you eat, how you speak to yourself and others