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Living overseas can be an exciting, rewarding adventure personally and professionally……

Or a stressful, difficult, lonely experience that can have devastating impact on

an Individual, Family and Organisation.

Individual & Family

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Hi, I’m Kate!

Maybe you’re a bit like me….

  • a Parent … working to be the best example you can be for your children
  • a Partner … committed to support their career and life ambitions
  • a Professional … with aspirations, ambition and loyalty to a great organisation
  • an Adventurer … dreaming of living and working overseas
  • a Recovering Perfectionist – wanting to do things right

If you’re trying to juggle ALL the balls of living, working, loving abroad… how long before health, career, relationships, life start to suffer?  Yours? Your partners? Your children? Your employees?

Its not too late to create the phenomenal International Experience where EVERYONE Thrives…

Contact me to find out how, as an accredited EMCC Coach / Mentor at Practitioner level with 20+ years HR experience in corporate, I can help you as an Individual or Organisation erase costly mistakes, confusion and challenges.


I wholeheartedly recommend Kate. As a full time working mum of two, living far from family, life can often feel overwhelming!

Kate listens attentively and is able to identify the right words and tools to help you break down and understand the different elements of your life.

I always came out of my sessions with a newfound optimism and self-belief.

Kate made me feel instantly at ease and comfortable in talking about me, something which I would usually avoid.

So if you need help navigating the craziness of working motherhood, why not make your journey easier and go talk things through with Kate – you’ll be surprised how much clearer it becomes

Mum of 2, France


I felt a great connection with Kate right from our initial call – I came off the call feeling energised as I felt like she really “got me”.

Kate provides a safe and trusted space asking clear simple questions and patiently let me think / talk it out.  She helped me make good progress on ruling out some career options and exploring others.  I made the decision to not move from where we live – and this felt good.

I really enjoyed when Kate shared some observations / reflections and we talked  like peers – I got some real nuggets from that.

It definitely helps that Kate’s a working mum as I really felt she got my full life-context that a child-free coach wouldn’t be able to.

Mum of 2, UK


I would highly recommend Kate for anyone in need of some personal coaching.

My coaching from Kate was about time management, how to switch off and how I can better organise my availability to balance home / work life demands.

Kate is very approachable and a good listener, proactive in asking questions to help me self reflect to go deepeer and even connecting me to some unconscious blockers which I didn’t realise were there. She helped me unpack and constructively reframe how I saw my issue(s) and provided effective tools and methods signposted with milestones to help me progress.  Great care is taken to follow up promptly and keep regular check points with me.

Thanks for your help and support, Kate!

Wife, UK